About Math Ninja

Math Ninja is striving to make all children succeed in a math, by making them a math warrior.

Our History

Math Ninja is founded in San Francisco, CA in 2017. Our Founder has been in the high-tech business in Silicon Valley and saw the current trend of employment. While the qualified engineers are mostly from overseas, we found a fact the American elementary school-aged children need to catch up on the level of math skills than their counterparts possess in other industrial and emerging countries, to be more competitive. To improve their basic math skills by utilizing the Soroban to teach calculation and mental calculation. The Japanese abacus, called, “Soroban”, was modified into the modern configuration. It has five-beads in each column, one-bead in the upper deck and four-bead in the lower deck. The Soroban/Abacus helps to perform mainly addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Our Vision

The soroban has been an excellent educational tool for children to visualize numbers. In addition, practicing soroban gives people an opportunity to develop their mental calculation ability. After mastering the soroban, the student will not need a calculator and become capable of calculating numbers by visualizing soroban beads. By cultivating the ability of mental calculating skills in pre-school and elementary students, they will have a better understanding of more complex problems in math by developing great concentration. As a result, they have a good school record not only on math but also on other subjects. As this proves, soroban is not just a calculation tool, but an excellent instructional tool itself.

Our Mission

Math Ninja is striving to make all children succeed in a math, by making them a math warrior. So that no child needs to struggle with the math fatigue. We provide a gamification element of fun to mental calculation. We believe, If the child succeeds in math, they gain self-confidence to achieve higher in other subjects academically, and then become a contributing member of the society.

Math Ninja’s goals:

  • Foster a child’s confidence in the calculation.
  • Develop a mental calculation skill.
  • Enhance problem-solving capability.
  • Improve memory capacity.
  • Improve focus and mental endurance.

Our Team

Reiko Yamamoto

Founder/CEO & Board of Director

Reiko holds a co-founder and CEO position. She has been a lead UX designer with a track record of achievement and currently works at fortune 5 healthcare company. She also serves as a chief creative officer/co-founder of Bloom Technology and Cyberhedz Media LLC. Reiko earned MA in Web Design & New Media, and BFA in Motion Pictures & Television from Academy of Art University.

Brooke Prairie

VP & Board of Director

Brooke serves as vice president in charge of the Northern Region. She is passionately interested in fostering the next generation of leaders in America. She holds a BA in English from San Diego State University. She lives in Reno, Nevada, with her husband and two teenagers.

Stevie Dimitre Albert

VP of CX & Board of Director

Stevie Dimitre Albert works in the Fin Tech industry at Bizx, a community of thousands of local business owners who engage and leverage one another within the BizX network, using a tool called the BizX dollar, which enables them to buy from and sell to one another without spending cash. Stevie is also an entrepreneur, running her own small business in the wellness industry, creating new products and techniques for healing, relaxation, and overall well-being.


Camilla B. Thomas

VP of Marketing & Board Member

Camilla serves as the vice president of Marketing and is a board member. She has an background in digital marketing and has spearheaded marketing initiatives for Microsoft, and currently works for Adobe Systems driving world-wide strategy for search marketing campaigns. She has a fierce passion for education. Camilla received her BS in Business Administration Management with a concentration in Marketing from San Francisco State University.