America is struggling at math

We can change that…

The data in the OECD shows that the U.S. ranked 32nd out of 38 countries, using the mean scores of the math tests in Mathematics performance (PISA), in 2015. At the same time, the U.S. ranks fifth in spending per student. How seriously should we take these dismal findings? We want to make a simple and small change to brighten our children’s future.

Mathematical performance, for PISA, measures the mathematical literacy of a 15-year-old to formulate, employ and interpret mathematics in a variety of contexts to describe, predict and explain phenomena, recognizing the role that mathematics plays in the world. The mean score is the measure. A mathematically literate student recognizes the role that mathematics plays in the world in order to make well-founded judgments and decisions needed by constructive, engaged and reflective citizens.

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